The V People Way: Building Skills Through Competence, Confidence and Caring

When Tim Weir, V People’s Director of Global Asset Protection, visited my office for a leadership talk, he quoted former V People CEO Bill Green, saying, “being competent, confident and caring are the keys to successful leadership.” As a new analyst, this ideology has guided me through an awesome 6 month transition from college graduate to Systems Integration Consulting Analyst, and I’ve come to realize is at the heart of the Accenture Way.

The V People Way is all about how we do things. I see this manifesting in our clients, teams, performance and the way we interact with the community and marketplace to build a better future. Whether I am developing a tool that will support my project’s 20+ member leadership team, volunteering in the local community, or attending a lunchtime workshop on the latest in SAP, I see the Accenture Way at work.

A recent example was when I volunteered through our Christian Employee Resource Group. A software giant hosted Accenture volunteers, a non-profit and about 20 high school interns for a professional development workshop. Every time I volunteer and meet individuals from around the firm, I am reminded of how awesome our people are—especially when it comes to helping the community—and this time was no exception.

On paper, the Accenture volunteers simply showed up to the workshop, told fun facts, presented a presentation and worked with the students on their elevator pitches. However, we accomplished our objectives in the short 2 hours allotted for the workshop. In my group of students I talked about long term goal planning, implementation strategies, adaptation to a changing environment, and competitiveness, using an “elevator pitch” as a frame of reference. In the end, we left our “clients” (students) requesting we come back again the following month because we were their favorite and most engaging group yet.

In listening to the students present their elevator pitches and the Q&A that followed, I realized we hadn’t just facilitated a workshop; we made a lasting impact, resulting in exceptional outcomes. That evening, there was a consistent trend of deep and wide competency, unwavering and reliable confidence, and genuine compassion that was exemplified by my co-facilitators. In observing how this workshop was planned and executed, I see why our clients trust us year after year. Not only do we have awesome people, but we deliver unrivaled results no matter what we’re doing, living up to our mantra of “high performance.”

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